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Q: I encountered an error and I'm using a supported browser and / or operating system. A: Please submit an email below with your browser version and operating system version. You can also try entering the study by using Firefox or Chrome. We do not officically support Beta releases or IE 7 or earlier. If you are using IE, please make sure compatibility mode is off. Q: I entountered an error and my internet provider is America Online. A: Minimize your screen (so your desktop shows, but do not close the screen), open IE, Firefox, or Chrome and go to the study again. We do not support the AOL browser. Q: I enter my password, click the "Next" button and get a blank screen or "page cannot be found". A: You will need to change your internet security level. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security. In Security, click Default Level, then click OK. Q: The survey is running very slowly. A: Speed is determined by your internet connection and / or computer. Try connecting again another time or using a different computer. Q: If I lose my connection or close out of my browser during the survey, will I have to start from the beginning? A: No, when you enter your password again, the survey will resume where you left off. However this is on a first-come first-served basis. Once we have reached our quota, you will no longer be able to log back in, even if you have completed some of your survey. Q: I click on a link and nothing happens. A: Hold the control key on the keyboard and click the link at the same time. Q: I get an error message stating that I forgot to answer a question when I have, in fact, answered it. A: In some numeric questions, you must enter 0's instead of leaving blanks. If you encounter a large grid, look closely to ensure all rows are accounted for.
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